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Professional tanning tanning machine to help you become a fashionista

by:Merican     2020-08-01
Professional tanning tanning machine to help you become a fashionista - 2020 03 - 18 tanning is shining sun tanning machines make skin beautiful, or black to make the life of people more rich and colorful, the European and American countries popular bronze skin, wheat skin is now becoming the mainstream of the domestic fashionistas pursuit, using special cosmetics and keep the skin in the sun beautiful bronze black, chocolate, a black cover three ugly, dark healthy skin is more crazy wild beauty, like obsidian. To their skin with a layer of bronze color, as in the sunlight shining the focus of the temptation of chocolate flavor. This is every summer, everyone tide tide women will do tan ceremony, black beauty are amazing. Hobby bodybuilders, with wheat color skin, muscle line is more obvious, more healthy body features. Tanning machine function: 1, makes you healthy attractive, tanned wheat color, 2 bronze skin, make the mood becomes positive and cheerful intramuscular 3, improve the motor nerve, and made strong 4, strengthen bones and teeth 5, to improve immunity, prevention of disease, 6, 7, eliminate fatigue and stress have effect reducing weight 8, help skin younger 9, resistant to ultraviolet ray guangzhou tanning machine use notes 1, how long it will take a tan? Uv spectrum to MED ( 最小Erythemal量) Measure units for exposure, exposure time of tanning machine is with four med content range of the human body to accept as a benchmark, in general, business machine recommended 5 - the single use of time Concrete is different from person to person, 15 minutes, we recommend that the first user without knowing their skin of ultraviolet resistance, with the opening of the 5 minutes irradiation time, step by step, for every minute you are increasing as a unit, to ensure that don't get sunburned skin; 2, bask in how long? How long can the black? First to see if your skin easily colored, look at you want to bask in black, which kind of color of skin, then you want to maintain the farther away from the goal of your heart, The more black) Have to bask in the more densely populated, in general, we recommend that bask in the next day, 3 - ordinary people 5 times to see the effect, achieve ideal 1 - after the color of skin 2 times/week to maintain; 3, what preparation should be done before the sun? All apply to indoor drying milk and must wear goggles do not need to deliberately take a shower before insolation, but please complete discharge makeup and eliminate any maintain article. Treatment of skin with the acidity of the night before, A acid also please in the sun outage, due to exposure to ultraviolet rays would be some drugs and sensitive phenomenon, such as birth control pills, antibiotics and urination agent, etc. After sun precautions: 1, the first sun lamp 5 - we'll give you a suggestion time 8 minutes, the skin of black and white, or ever had any experience in the sun or sun light. 2, because import equipment power, just started may not be obvious, if the drying time is just right, the skin will not have any state. If the sun is much, there will be some, itchy skin. Put some LuYun is normal phenomenon, don't worry, sunburnt repair, can relieve itchy skin sensitive problems. If it is a sunburn, skin will appear some tingling. Is about to stop drying. Sunburn skin. In principle, to put some aloe vera, as long as more than just two or three days, the skin is ok. Need not worry too much. 3, after drying, tanning lotions and some protect skin moist skin effect. In principle, don't bathe within two hours. Don't wash bath a bath. Although warm water bath or cool baths. 4, after drying, if afraid of itchy skin, can apply some aloe vera gel. Someone said, I go home to clean can also, I tell you, the best effect is the sun after daub, home may be late. To reach the best effect. 5, drink plenty of water is a universal method of filling water, whether it is in the black sun lamp before or after tanning sun light, suggest you bask in friends drink a large glass of water. This is the simplest and most effective method of a hydrate.
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