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Photodynamic beauty troubleshooting

by:Merican     2020-07-21
What is the light of the LED magic? Answer: also called cold light power LED cold light, is a kind of high purity narrow spectral monochromatic light, the light can be passed to the subcutaneous 10 mm m depth, does not produce heat effect. LED the beauty is a very attractive, leisure and fashion of health and beauty treatment, mild skin process simple, comfortable, fast work. What are the basic conditions of photodynamic effects need? A: photodynamic effect is the three elements of photosensitizer, irradiation light and oxygen. By light power treatment is conducted on living, living tissue and oxygen, so in the clinical practice photodynamic therapy treatment are the main factors affecting the photosensitizer and light light. The photodynamic activity of photosensitizer, the characteristics of light absorption and targeted features, determines the clinical availability and scope of application. Accuracy of the wavelength of light irradiation, output stability and investment as reliability is to determine the controllable factors of treatment effect is important. What is a photosensitizer? A: in the photochemical reaction, there is a certain type of molecule, they absorb photons and transfer energy to those who can not only absorb photons, prompting them to react, and itself is not participate in chemical reactions, restore to the original state, these molecules known as photosensitizer. By photochemical reaction is called photosensitive reaction induced by photosensitizer. Usually, the people with photosensitive biological effect of oxygen molecules called photodynamic reaction, the photodynamic reaction could be induced destroy the cellular structure known as photodynamic drugs, namely the photosensitive drugs. Why photodynamic beauty also with the auxiliary products? A: first of all we want to use the method of dialectical view of beauty, beauty is actually a comprehensive system engineering, is the perfect combination of various technologies, when we choose high-tech photodynamic beauty, just for a short time treatment in the beauty shop, although can bring us good effects, we most of the time the skin in different environment, so we're going to make the necessary AIDS care, and under the guidance of professional beautician targeted specific of choose and buy protect skin to taste, to better protect our skin. Photodynamic therapy in the light irradiation and the difference of the laser surgery usually? A: red light irradiation in photodynamic therapy, only ACTS as activate cells, energy need not too concentrated, not cause the obvious temperature rise of irradiation area, more won't cause thermal damage of the organization. Laser surgery, and usually is using high energy laser beam produced by the local high temperature, to cut, vaporization or diseased tissue, solidification and photodynamic therapy and traditional laser surgery have substaintial distinction, red photodynamic therapy is a kind of the biological chemical induced by photochemical reaction process, and laser surgery is a purely physical process. Sensitive skin can have red blood silk light? A: yes, photodynamic red light energy directly into the cell, neutralize free radicals in cells, enhance cellular antioxidant capacity, prevent skin aging, and stimulate blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, enhance skin's resistance, red light has the red blood silk on sensitive skin have a significant effect of repair. Cold light the role of collagen beauty instrument: 1, restrain melanin whiten skin, role in the dermis, anti-aging; 2, replenish collagen, provide sufficient nutrients for the skin. 3, firming skin, repair fine lines; 4, shrink pore, enhance the elasticity; 5,. Improve the microcirculation, improve dull skin; Power red beauty principle: power red beauty instrument is to use a fixed low energy light diode ( 633 nm red light) To relax and strengthen the imperceptible blood-vessel, has reached to promote blood circulation, increase the effect of active oxygen and accelerated detoxification. Mainly used in the subcutaneous tissue cell mitochondria, efficient photochemical biological response - — Enzymatic reaction, the activation cell mitochondria in the organic oxidation enzyme c, have more energy to accelerate the DAN, RNA synthesis, especially the fiber cells, repair effect to the organization, and by adjusting the matrix metalloproteinases ( MMP S) , forming a large amount of collagen and fibrous tissue filling, and accelerate to eliminate waste, or to the cells of death, so as to repair the damaged skin, smooth the fine wrinkles, shrink pores. 。 。 。 。 Make skin tender, moist and smooth. Treatment process is simple, soft, comfortable, fast effect. Applicable people: what power red light is suit to use? According to the professional medical hairdressing doctors clinical judgement, are those who think it is the skin is sensitive or courage is small, suit to opt for a red light power. Because power red softer than a pulse of light! Big S introduced the power, said the red 'some even do some pulse light will feel a little afraid of ladies, they will choose to be a red light, come to experience the magic of high-tech beauty. Specific indications for: flabby skin, wrinkles, enlarged pores, skin coarse, sallow complexion, sun spots, age spots, freckles, malar rash. Treatment process: 1, the makeup and wash my face before treatment. 2, hydrating essence of a class. 3, wrap the hair and wear goggles. 4, drying time on 20 - at a time For 30 minutes. 5, drying after washing a face again, is ok. Guangzhou mountain handsome mechanical and electrical equipment co. , LTD. , founded in 2009, is currently China's bigger professional tanning machine ( Tanning) , uv machine, red beauty machine manufacturers, the company has research and development, manufacturing products are mainly exported to Europe, America, Australia, Middle East and most domestic sales more than 50 countries and regions such as Asia Pacific.
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