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Outdoor tanning

by:Merican     2020-08-04
After autumn is give a person a kind of pure and fresh feeling of freedom, so a lot of people will choose in the '11' open a vacation trip. Hard-won holiday, of course, have to carefully consider! Ok, well, close sunshine to help you. Often because of work, for a long time to stay in the office, you should enjoy in holiday to natural sunbathing. We specially recommend choosing island tour for you, let you say go go to field trip. First of all, why recommend you go to the island? Because you need a really able to put work aside, have a good relax, enjoy the life good place to go. Sea breeze blowing straight, gentle sunshine in the body, in the autumn is not hot, smoking a hint of seawater smell in the air, it is a kind of very relaxed feeling, do you feel? In addition, the holiday is to seek comfort, bare feet to walk on the soft sand, occasionally look back leave a footprint, or how to do, lie in the sun on the beach enjoying the sun bath, that kind of comfortable feeling arises spontaneously. Walk on the beach here you can see the sea vast regrets in life, also can have a look at the seaside is not the same unique scenery, no tall buildings here, no burden of depression. Can be like a selfish play there, didn't of choose and employ persons will disturb you here, you can enjoy in this quiet and peaceful place, even if it is quietly staring blankly. Island since the walk of, have you got ready for skin protection? Although autumn is no longer hot, but you seem to forget that the autumn is easy dry skin problem. Island swims in addition to choose suitable clothes outside sunbathing on the beach, the most important thing to do a little sun must make skin hydrating and moisturizing, do not take lightly. Not because the small detail affect the pleasant trip. Sunbathing outdoor and indoor use machine, skin protection there is a big different, the beach sunbathing, skin exposed to the sun, the sea breeze blowing helps skin, need to pay attention to the following skin protection: 1. First of all, should choose appropriate SPF it moisturizes tanning lotion. Island compared with city more intense ultraviolet light, and for a long period of time at the beach, or timing to skin with sunscreen and filling water supplies. 2. Water-proof, best can prevent sweat, swam to the island, could not fill every time into the water prevent bask in, and after skin contact with the water of the sea, because the water of the sea salt, can cause skin are more likely to get sunburned. If not into the water and sunbathe on the beach, the sweat is also an unavoidable, so islands you must choose waterproof and sweat good prevent bask in article. 3. Prevent bask in filling water supplies, not greasy! A lot of sunscreen with SPF products, it contain fat composition, sensitive components, especially for a long time at the beach activities, need fill wipe cases, skin are more likely to not smooth breath, choose too fat prevent bask in skin care products easy to aggravate the burden of skin, causing skin allergies. Health happy island tour, I suggest let skin from sun damage, but also can meet the sun bath, can make skin lightness times protector, I recommend using the banana of aloe vera gel gels.
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