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Not attractive enough? Tan let you MAN power is dye-in-the-wood

by:Merican     2020-08-01
As the idol drama hit Shanghai, 'fresh meat' super popular with MMS, but always has a shelf life of the 'fresh meat', the retention period of fresh meat? 'Fresh' tan is the key step and let your charm only grow. Since the ancient times is most people desire, all use white, white to describe the beauty of people. But now a lot of people don't understand why so many stars all tanned? 吗? 吗? Especially male stars, white is always missing some masculinity, seem to be weak, lack of security. So tanned wujing, Louis koo, donnie yen, huang xiaoming is man to the roof. Now they don't need to talk with appearance level by their personality charm when it is countless. Could say nothing but to have in the way of 'tanning' stars, I also want to tell everyone about tanning important: beauty is not only black to black as well as beautiful. Not only a tan, but let the skin loses luster without aesthetic feeling, so the right way to tanning method is very important! A, through the tanning tanning there are two ways: 1, natural tanning ( Enjoy the natural sunlight is basked) 2, artificial tanning ( Basked enjoy indoor sunlamps and tanning machine, tanning, tanning beds, tanning, etc. ) Sun is the most convenient and the most direct method of tan tan, tan natural sunshine bath, UVB rays can stimulate the proliferation of skin melanin, make skin darker dim, but UVB rays can cause skin flabby, melanin don't last long. Artificial tanning is combining technology using effective UVA and UVB rays, effectively reach the deep skin, promote the formation of melanin and fixed. But in the process of use of machine, the temperature will gradually rise, in order to avoid sunburn and guarantee the aesthetic feeling of skin, tanning time must brush tanning products, can make skin appear more uniform, but also nourish the skin to avoid sunburn. And for the job is busy like American black people, through the tanning, tanning machine for effective tan, is a very good choice, after all this can be done indoors, can also control tanning time of freedom. Second, through the characteristics of tanning oil, tanning lotion for tanning oil tanning such properties can also be called beautiful black frost, beautiful black oil, can let a person through some kind of new composite component absorption of effective element, make the skin from the sun, stimulates the production of pigment, accelerate skin, safe in the least amount of sun exposure time a healthy tan tan.
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