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Merican disinfectant coronavirus for office

Merican disinfectant coronavirus for office

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1. Merican disinfectant is the outcome of sophisticated manufacturing processes. It has to be stamped, cut, polished, electroplated, sprayed, tested, and assembled before it's shipped.
2. The product is portable. The materials used are extremely lightweight that can facilitate device portability without sacrificing strength.
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4. Merican has been specialized in providing the professional service about disinfectant .

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Company Features
1. Guangzhou Merican Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd is a well-established Chinese company that demonstrates high levels of professionalism in designing and manufacturing disinfectant .
2. UV Sterilizer is manufactured in advanced machines to ensure high quality.
3. In order to ensure the optimization of production & manufacturing processes, Guangzhou Merican Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd always adheres to the 'people-oriented' guiding ideology. Call now! Guangzhou Merican Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd aims to structure portable uv disinfection lamp as its service principle. Call now! Guangzhou Merican Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd's corporate culture needs continuous innovation and development on the basis of adhering to uv-c led disinfection. Call now!


                                                                        Aquarium UV Sterilizer



UV water treatment systems (UV sterilizers) kill bacteria in water. They are often used to ensure safe drinking water from well, spring and borehole water supplies. Due to increased legislation are now regularly used in food and drink related industries.  

Micro organisms including bacteria, viruses and cysts are all around us naturally. Many are harmless but exposure to "bad" ones can cause severe illness particularly in the elderly and very young. There is a wide variety of water treatment products available to improve taste, clarity, scale etc but none of these are designed to combat bacteria. Ultra violet water treatment is one of the safest ways to disinfect water as the UV rays are a natural component of sunlight. No chemicals are added so there is no danger from overdosing or creating a bad taste.  


Working principle


The UV sterilizer utilizes a germicidal fluorescent lamp that produces light at a wavelength of approximately 254 nanometers (2537 Angstroms). The water with the bacteria/algae passes over the bulb (or around the bulb if a quartz sleeve is used) and is irradiated with this wavelength. As the light penetrates the bacteria/algae, it mutates the DNA (genetic material), preventing growth/multiplication of the organism.



In aquaculture and ornamental fish breeding field,UV lamps sterilizer is widely used in water disinfection,algae and fishing disease.

The vast majority of algae and bacteria caused to virus on fish diseases will be killed and disintegrated under intensity ultraviolet radiation in seconds,.these two problems can be solved by ultraviolet disinfection method

In the sunlight or artificial light source,Algae such as blue algae will be blooms,Algae consume oxygen and nutrients in the water,but it will affect the normal growth of plants, this problem can be solved by ultraviolet disinfection.In a fitted UV lamp enclosed sterilizer,the aquaculture water recycles again and again.algae will be disintegrate and killed under the strong UVC ultraviolet radiation,then it recombines to be bigger molecular chain and  eventually be filtered out. In the during this reaction process, water flowing speed and power of germicidal lamp, water is very important to chooseIn the summer, the rapid propagation of algae will be with high temperature,the water flowing rate should not be too fast, the UV lamp power to the appropriate higher, on the contrary in winter. A 36W quartz UV germicidal lamp can purify a pool with capacity of 35000 Liters. If it can not reach the requirements of water purification, you need to increase the UV power,besides,the water flowing speed should be proper,which could ensure exposing time of ultraviolet radiation on the algae


In addition to the algae the algae problem, In field of aquatic breeding, fish disease is also a common problem, UV lamp has a very effective on killing the fish disease caused by bacteria,such as white spot disease,under ultraviolet radiation it can be killed in three seconds.Especially, sometimes, there needs to add some fish into the pondThe new fish is likely to bring into the pond with bacteria,owater in fish ponds needs to be changed, new water may bring about bacteria.all this problems needs to be solved by UV lamp sterilizer. To ensure that water radiation time by ultraviolet should not less than 3 seconds,otherwise,it will affect the disinfection effect.

The water in ponds purified by UV lamp sterilizer ,more than 90% of the bacteria will be killed ,the fish will hardly get also Improve aquaculture production.

These factors will influence the  UV lamp disinfection effect on pond water .

solar radiation intensity, depth of ponds,plants cover the ponds surface, local ambient temperature. 



1.Food processing industry, including juices, milk, drinks, beer, practical oil  and canned food.

2.Electronic industry.
3.Hospitals, various laboratory and high levels of pathogenic body water disinfection.

4.Households building, residential, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, water factories.
5.Purification and disinfection of shellfish, fish cleaning and disinfection

6.Military camp, field water supply system
7.Urban wastewater disinfection.
8.Swimming pool, other recreational water disinfection 
9.Thermal power, nuclear power plant  industrial, central air conditioning system cooling water.
10.Biological, chemical and pharmaceutical, cosmetics for the production of cooling water.
11.Sea water, fresh water breeding, aquaculture  water

12.Agricultural water disinfection


Principle of Operation

UV water disinfection system design has been carefully conceived to provide adequate germicidal dosage throughout the disinfection chamber. The dosage, as it applies to UV disinfection, is a function of time and the intensity of UV radiation to which the water is exposed. Exposure time is related to the flow rate, the higher the flow rate, the lower the exposure time or the lower the flow rate, the higher the exposure time. The UV intensity is the amount of energy, per unit time, emitted by germicidal lamp. The Dosage is the product of UV intensity and the exposure time.


Limitation  and potential harmful effect

UV sterilizers are NOT a replacement for good biological and mechanical filtration, regular water changes, and proper control of the nitrogen cycle. A UV sterilizer should be considered as an insurance policy.

UV sterilizers will be ineffective against string algae or other nuisance or disease-causing organisms that are not free swimming in the water.

While the UV sterilizer will usually do no harm, it should not be used when first cycling the aquarium, as it may kill beneficial bacteria before they attach to the bio-media or gravel.

Many medications can be "denatured" by the UV light, so the sterilizer should be turned off when using medications, especially chelated copper treatments. The UV light will "break" the bond of the chelating agent, and the aquarium will have a sudden, lethal concentration of ionic copper.


Water Quality (in)

Water quality plays a major role in the transmission of germicidal UV rays. It is recommended that the water does not exceed following maximum concentration levels


Maximum Concentration Levels (Very Important)











UV Transmittance



Effectively treating water with higher concentration levels than listed above can be accomplished, but may require added measures to improve water quality to treatable levels. If, for any reason, it is believed the UV transmission is not satisfactory, contact the factory.

UV wavelength (nm)


                 DOSAGE is the product of intensity & time

dosage=intensity*time=micro watt/cm2*time=microwatt-seconds per square centimeter




As a general guideline, the following are some typical UV transmission rates (UVT)

City water supplies


De-ionized or Reverse Osmosis water


Surface waters(lakes, rivers, etc)


Ground water(wells)


Other liquids


 parameter sheet



Our Services

1.Free sample and Unconditional assume response
2.100% Natural product,
3.Manufacturer direct supply, provide OEM, R&D service
4.Competitive price
5.Fast delivery by DHL,TNT,EMS,FEDEX,as your requirem, usually within 3 working days after confirming your payment
6.Material: Owning cultivation base as 100% Natural material stable source.
7.Testing equipment:UV, HPLC, GC
8.Supply Ability:Production capacity: 300ton/year, large stock available;


Merican disinfectant can feature mixed materials. It can be made of a variety of materials such as corrugated fiberboard, acrylic, UltraBoard, PVC, wood and many more. It can be recycled, which helps save on landfill and the environment
Merican UV Sterilizer is the comprehensive embodiment of new technologies. Most of its electric components are developed or optimized using cutting-edge energy-saving technologies that are widely adopted in energy-efficient appliances. It is popularly used in wall cladding, door frame and door handles, handrail, sculpture, and elevator & escalator decoration, etc
Every part of Merican disinfectant is exquisitely crafted to meet the quality standards required in the phone accessory industry, such as impact and wear resistance. The hard and cold surface keeps any bacteria or mites away
Merican portable uv disinfection lamp has passed prescribed tests before delivery. These tests cover appliance characteristics, energy efficiency, energy consumption, and electrical safety. The product had passed the SGS Natural Salt Spray Test, which means it is acid and alkali resistant
The quality inspection of Merican portable uv disinfection lamp resorts to different methods. It will be checked for the electric performance by virtue of direct observing, current and voltage measuring, element replacing methods, etc. It will not result in stains which can affect the surrounding clean area
The product is easy to clean. It is designed avoiding excess trim and add-on features such as seams and crown molding which easily gathers dust. The nature of stainless steel makes this product ideal for use in hygienic applications
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