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Mary queen red white tank have any harm to the body?

by:Merican     2020-08-04
Whitening capsule is very popular in the market recently, its powerful popular beauty industry enthusiasts, whitening capsule as the name suggests his main function is to whitening, decay resistance, beauty, and promote human metabolism, core components is Germany imported red light bulbs, small make up take you to join us in understanding red white tank! Light: light decides the effect of the whitening chamber, is a core component of whitening capsule. MaryQueen whitening capsule red light source adopts imported from Germany Cosmedico professional hairdressing anti-aging fluorescent tube, industrial level of benchmarking. On the basis of sufficient protection effect, and can fully ensure the security of user's use, and now the sham as the genuine replicas on the market, most part of the inferior quality and low price of LED light source, whitening effect is not obvious. Replicas are using LED light source is generally characterized by low energy output, technology coarse, and more from the workshop of some traditional household lighting, more can't inquire the details of the light source manufacturer, in can't use effect under the premise of security, security is a big risk. Efficacy: mild body has no side effects whitening; Replenish collagen, provide sufficient nutrients for the skin; Improve the microcirculation, improve sensitive skin, anti-aging; Tighten the skin, repair fine lines, shrink pore, enhance the elasticity; Energy cells, effectively lock water, repair damaged skin; Can enhance the cell to preserve one's health effect; Energy: red white tank adopts single w - 100 180 w high power and high energy of the German original installation import Cosmedico professional red beauty anti-aging fluorescent tube, the engine power is 2400 w - More than 9500 w, and the so-called 'white tank professional light' on the market is not the source of counterfeit LED light source, single power concentrated in the 10 w - generally 20 w/a, no more than 500 w, so how can guarantee use effect? Test the machine power of the method is very simple, just an electrician commonly used multimeter, recommend before buying whitening tank, be sure to test power, on the true and false. There are some bad whitening tank manufacturers to reduce production costs, use inferior tubes, wavelength is not stable, the effect is affected by the great. Formal beauty likang is used in Germany import Cosmedico tubes, stable - 600 700 nm wavelength red, for hairdressing businesses, effect and word of mouth is the key to profits, not to covet is cheap, buy inferior whitening capsule, neither effect is also a waste of resources and financial resources, do more harm than good
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