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Lose weight by laying down

Lose weight by laying down

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Everyone loves beautiful


Weight loss will make you look more beautiful

Weight loss will make you look younger

Most People are pursing Perfect Body

But we will be easily misleading by some incorrect methods

we will share with you in the followings


Misleading-1: Loss weight by Diet 


When you are on diet, 

you will first lose the Water and muscle, 

but not fat


Long-term dieting can also lead to 

Menstrual disorders, skin deterioration, hair loss and other problems

Misleading-2: Loss weight by Sports

Most people will do more exercise to lose their weight

But sweating only consume water  

Excessive sweating can also lead to dehydration  

It affects the body's normal metabolism  

It is easy to damage the joints  

by climbing stairs and walking 20,000 steps   

Misleading-3: Loss weight by Pill

Japanese cosmeceuticals popular single product  


It's acutally a laxative  


Long-term use in large quantities can  


Irritates and damages the colon  


it also cause laxative - dependent constipation  


Misleading-4: Loss weight by Pen


It saids that this pen will not go through stomach and does not hurt the body

but it is actually an injection  


The main ingredient is liraglutide  


It's used to treat diabetes  


Actually, it is a hypoglycemic drug 

and very dangerous to use them indiscriminately  


Misleading-5: Loss weight by The ketogenic diet


It is done by taking it Very low in carbohydrates  


And goes through visceral fat  


They mobilize to produce ketone bodies  


And burn visceral fat  


The weight loss is very efficient  


In fact it is a therapy Dietary pattern of 

children with refractory epilepsy  


It should be carried out under the close supervision of a doctor  


If use this method to lose weight, will be high risky to our health 

Misleading-6: Loss weight by Vemetic diet

Popular tube will be an emetic device  

An emetic tube is inserted into the stomach  

Make the food come out along the tube  

But the doctor said that vomiting 

does great harm to human body 


These Weight Loss Methods  

Not only is it ineffective or ineffective  

It's easy to  harm our body, affect health  

Is it possible that we eat or drink normally and lose their weight?

There is really one way to let you lose your weight easily!

You could just lay down and then lose your weight

Not only can we eat and drink well  

but also you are able lose weight when you just lay down  

comfortable as sleeping on bed

It has been popular in Japan and South Korea for decades  

It is Red Light Therapy!



the photodynamic health module for example.  

it utilizes high-tech nanotechnology  

Pure physical light therapy  

It is obtained through a special filter  

giving priority 600 ~ 700 nm  to  

Red visible optical band  


The mitochondria are stimulated to speed up glucose oxidation  

To boost your metabolism.  

Increase the amount of lipoenzymes in the body  

Accelerate the decomposition and metabolism of excess fat 

Regulates thyroid function

Reduces insulin production

Thereby reducing the formation of fat


In a word  

Red light therapy is a purely physical method without breaking the skin  

Irradiated by red light of a particular wavelength  

And thus produce photochemical effects on biological cells  

It allows you to reduce fat formation  

Accelerate adipose decomposition and metabolism  

So you lose weight naturally  

Easy to achieve fat reduction shape  

Safe without side effects but also good for the body  


Worried about the result?  

Let's know more about light therapy of Clinical evidence in China and over the world 


Clicical Diagnosis

In 2013, study in the Journal of Bariatric Surgery found that red light treatment was beneficial for shaping the hips, thighs, and waist.  After completing the experiment, the researchers found that the average waist circumference had shrunk by 2.99 inches compared with the starting point.  In the study, reductions were seen in the hips, thighs and waist areas.  


In 2015, study by Brazilian researchers "The Effects of Light Therapy and Exercise on 64 Obese Women Aged 20 to 40" showed that red light therapy reduced insulin production and reduced fat mass by 5.6 percent.  


In 2018, study from the US National Library of Medicine, "Effects of Red Light Therapy on Human Configure," showed that red light therapy causes lipobreakdown (lipodecomposition) in subcutaneous fat, which promotes weight loss and shape.  


In 2019, study in South Korea, 65 men and women who used red light therapy lost an average of 3.51 inches from their waistlines, and there was no significant change in weight loss through diet or exercise.  


A 2019 study published in the Journal of Surgery on the Metabolic Effects of Light Therapy and Physical Exercise divided 64 obese women into two groups. One group received red light therapy three times a week for 20 weeks, and the other group received exercise training.  At the end of the study, the researchers observed that the women who had participated in the red light therapy had lost more fat mass and increased total skeletal muscle mass and adiponectin concentrations than the women who had participated in the exercise training. 

In addition to reducing fat and shaping body  

Light therapy is improving the circulation system  

All kinds of tissue pain and nerve pain repair  

Boosts metabolism (metabolic diseases)  

Postpartum rehabilitation (postpartum wound repair, breast rehabilitation, etc.)  

Improve overall immunity and improve sleep  

Physical recovery and beauty and other aspects have obvious results  

I believe that with the further promotion and deepening of phototherapy technology  

Will bring more positive effects for human beings  


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