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LED phototherapy beauty development

by:Merican     2020-08-05
For a long time, people say that time is a kill pig knife, but the development of science and technology at any time, once the 'kill pig knife' could be 'beauty salon'. When people and hope can find a way to save money and effort to promote my skin, with the release LED phototherapy beauty, to launch a new era of beauty, the more the phototherapy beauty products, from the beauty salon to the families and individuals. In the process, however, many people will hold a lot of doubt, the most common question is: 'this have any effect? '' use doesn't work for so many times' and 'have a harm to the body? 'And so on. 。 。 。 。 。 As LED the application of phototherapy, we found the solution to the answer to the question: leds phototherapy result is based on the difference between the wavelength of the spectrum, 633 nm to 660 nm red leds can improve the skin collagen formation, to reach the fade out fine lines, shading result; Wavelength at 780 nm to 1200 nm spectral near infrared LED, can be used for anti-inflammatory and analgesic. And blue leds and green LED can also be used in the medical market, used for resistance from the blain blain points of nutrient absorption, prevent acne regeneration, and help the skin absorb care available nutrients, improve allergic skin. Focus on the LED medical beauty TheLightSalon company established people Laura Ferguson suggested that LED phototherapy has so many benefits, the curative effect of different wavelengths of different products is different, for example can anti-wrinkle or pale spot, and the LED light will not be damaged skin band, is a kind of non-invasive, painless phototherapy, its that has the effect of the gentle feelings. Now medical beauty market was favored, compound increase rate is as high as 20% in five years, each big manufacturer and launch various types of loading LED the anti-wrinkle, pox-eliminated products. There are hundreds of thousands of high-end products price and small to several dozens yuan small instrument, use household business. Ferguson suggested that leds have enough to deal with sensitive skin, after phototherapy, new stimulus cells with the change of the shield layer, helps to avoid fierce sunshine insolate and cause sunburn, and LED phototherapy don't like sunbathing, needless to worry about dark look pigment precipitation. Now with the development of the market, the LED phototherapy beauty will progress from medical beauty salon, salon, agency to the house, the personalization.
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