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Introduction to red light whitening capsule whitening principle is what?

by:Merican     2020-06-29
Whitening capsule accurate name is 'nano red whitening capsule' : whitening principle: fixed diode is to use low energy light ( 633 nm red light) To relax and strengthen the imperceptible blood-vessel, promote the blood circulation, increase the effect of active oxygen and accelerated detoxification. 633 nm to mitochondrial permeability subcutaneous tissue cells, producing efficient photochemical reaction and enzymatic reaction, let more energy to accelerate the DNA, RNA synthesis, increasing the fiber cells, repair the skin tissue. And by adjusting the matrix metalloproteinases ( MMPS) , forming a large amount of collagen and fiber filling tissue, accelerate the elimination of the waste and dead cells, so as to repair the damaged skin, smooth the fine wrinkles, shrink pores, make skin tender, moist and smooth. Treatment process is relatively simple, warm and comfortable, quick effect. Red white tank choose narrow-spectrum light is emitted from a light and does not produce high fever, not burn the skin, it will light energy into energy in cells, accelerate the process of cell growth cycle, stimulate collagen fiber cells. To repair the aging skin, acne skin, spot of the skin, wrinkles the skin, allergies, the sun burns skin bring unexpected effect, and will not cause any injury to the skin and discomfort, photodynamic is tender skin is relatively safe and highly effective relieve acne and one of the instrument. This product has better effect to use with photosensitizer, relieve acne acne effect reached 95%, the industry is called photodynamic new technology, new concept of beauty! Wavelength of 633 nm red with high purity, strong light source, the characteristics of the energy density uniform, in skin care, health care treatment effect is remarkable, is called the biological activity of light. Red can let cell activity increase, promote cells metabolism, make the skin a lot secrete collagen fibrous tissue to fill itself. Accelerate blood circulation, increase skin elasticity, improve the yellow skin, dull, so as to achieve the effect of anti-aging, anti-oxidation, repair, have traditional skin care cannot reach the effect.
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