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Insight into the tanning machine ( Tanning machine) The role of

by:Merican     2020-06-28
First of all, we first and sunbathing vendors would know how to construct the skin? Take a closer look at the structure of the skin reveals three different layers: (1) skin (2) the dermis (3) the subcutaneous layer on the skin most outside, with filtering ultraviolet, absorb ultraviolet light and lock water, split hyperplasia of cells, and other functions. The dermis is composed of elastic fibers, they are diagonal and horizontal intertwined, has tremendous power. In the dermis and subcutaneous layer, occupies most of the structure is the dermis, thickness of 0. 2 cm, mostly made up of protein, this section with the protein collagen and elastic protein ( elastin) Composition, others are nervous, capillaries, sweat glands and sebaceous glands, lymphatic vessels and hair root tissue. This layer is to generate new cells, and then move up, and eventually become the epidermis, into cutin fall off. Subcutaneous layer is mainly composed of surface layer of muscle ( 表面的肌肉) Of muscular layer under the essence of the organization in a large number of known as nuclear weeks ( perikarya) Cells, nuclear small weeks body through several connection tube through the surface layer are connected to the cortex and basement membrane. Then further understand, what is tan? Most of us feel sunbathing very comfortable. Very warm and relax, and give us happiness. But in sunbathing on the skin what exactly happened? Skin pass is basked in light UVA rays have been born in the course of the epidermis layer melanin, make skin to become black. Melanin is composed of is located in the special cells in the skin cell structure, and then moves with surrounding cells to the surface. Dark pigment absorbs part of the light, to protect deep skin. The amount of light in the guangzhou sun machine ( The best combination UVA and UVB light) Range than UVB and UVA rays can be more deeply penetrate into skin, stimulate melanin cells themselves, and then light is to stimulate more pigment formation, thus to create a basis for brown, bronzed skin. At the same time, UVB rays will cause the corneous layer thickening ( Callus) Helps protect the skin, the thicker the layer, therefore, UVB rays tanning don't last long. So tanning machine UVA and UVB rays, waves can reach the dermis and subcutaneous layers of the skin, while the deeper skin melanin also stimulates cells more vitality. Tanning machines in addition to tan, what else? As you all know, a sunny weather can bring good mood of a day, the role of sunbathing soothe emotions from this, it can make people warm and relaxed. In addition, a small amount of UVB to promote the body metabolism and stimulate the skin to form the vitamin D3. Tanning machine price so sunbathing has produced many positive influence: low body dynamic enhancement; Low to the body's own immune ability enhancement; To improve the performance of low blood flow; Low improve oxygen to body tissues; Low beneficial mineral metabolism and the absorption of calcium; Low bone disease prevention ( Such as osteoporosis, osteomalacia)
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