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Indoor tanning why popular?

by:Merican     2020-07-15
Dark skin represents the way of living with nature, highlight the muscle line, is healthy, sexy and a sign of good quality of life. What are the benefits to sunbathe? Sunlight is integral to the human survival and health, scientific studies have shown that: 1, moderate sun can prompt the body's own synthesis of vitamin D, vitamin D for calcium absorption and osteoporosis treatment is of great help. 2, the moderate sun can help human body to prevent lung cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer and other cancers. 3, moderate sun can increase in testosterone levels, effective prevention of male sexual dysfunction. 4, moderate sun can enhance the level of endorphins in the brain and relax the pleasant and effective in the fight against depression. 5, moderate sunbathing promote human metabolism, enhance the body's immune system. Why did you choose the indoor tanning? Tanning machine released by UV, through strict control filter for more than 99% of UVB rays cause sunburn skin canceration, therefore, to use indoor tanning tanning machine is higher than outdoor sun safety. Indoor tanning is not affected by the environment, weather, time factors such as interference, pay more attention to privacy. For example, to avoid the other rays, violation of the dust on the skin; Rain, evening also can enjoy sunshine at any time; Under the eyes of the also don't have to worry about nudity. Use of tanning machine is to make the skin beautiful or black. Tan, wheat color skin also gradually by some walk at the forefront of a few fashion. Guangzhou tanning tanning machine is not a simple in the sun. Bask in black circles called dirty black, tan was bright black, like obsidian. A simple white covered three ugly out already, and now play is bright black, reflects the fashion, the wild and sexy.
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