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Indoor tanning, tanning machine is how to work?

by:Merican     2020-07-14
Indoor tanning, it is a wise choice, so that we can minimize the risk of sunburn, at the same time maximize the enjoy healthy tanned. And we call this kind of intelligent tanning equipment tools tanning, tanning machine or tanning, management and use of the facilities, he will guide and train the love of beauty is how effective, suntan under their skin reaction how to avoid sunburn. Basically to imitate the sun tanning machines. The sun launch three ultraviolet ( UVA、UVB、UVC) 。 The shortest wavelengths of the ultraviolet light is UVC, damage to the skin, because it is shorter wavelengths, usually under the ground. UVB rays wavelength 280 - 320 nm, easily from dark and sunburn, but it is in the process of irradiation, through the atmosphere, it will be absorbed by the ozone layer and pollution, so only 2 to reach the ground 3%. UVA is ground sun ingredient, therefore, tanning mechanism creation principle, with high-end technology effectively combined with the longest wavelength UVA and a few help tan UVB rays. Of tanning machine, only the best proportion of UVB and UVA sun light, which will help to tanning and sunburn. And tanning on uniform stability of color, can be 360 degrees of light body, on the one hand, can improve skin color uniform, on the other hand can bring stable effect for skin color, also can avoid the weather influence on tanning.
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