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【 Indoor tanning effect like the sunshine? 】

by:Merican     2020-08-03
Through the use of tanning, tanning, tanning machine in indoor tanning, your skin to create a tan, tan skin pigmentary changes. When you're lying in the sun: through ultraviolet ( UV) Ray tan, this is not a controlled process. Both, however, there is one important difference: when you go out in the sunshine, you can't control you come into contact with the number and the light wavelength of ultraviolet (uv) light type, because it is affected by the weather and the atmosphere; Tanning machine, tanning, tanning machine is a kind of adjustment well you come into contact with the number and type of uv, because it is a controlled environment, such basked can effective management, to ensure that you won't get sunburned and achieve the result of a tan. Bask in the bed
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