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Indoor sun lamp: tanning machine top five tips

by:Merican     2020-07-14
Indoor sun lamp: tanning machine top five tips - 2018 01 - 23 use indoor sun lamp: tanning machine ( Tanning machine) Top five tips: 1, time: 24 hours whether auxiliary tanning with sun tanning products or slack off the beauty of the black colour makeup, should daub after ear, first observed after 24 hours of skin allergy again large area is used. Basked in 10 minutes, 'virgin' only for 10 minutes, continue to go. 4 - Five: generally, after four or five times to dry out 'wheat color', it is no use. 2 - Four: to keep record of wheat, must keep the 'sun' 2 to 4 times per month, or two months will become white. 2, color: pink watch you skin color changes, don't such as blisters on your leave a mark on the body fell regretful, attention! When the skin becomes a bit of baking powder, explain your skin has been suffered too much sun. Orange: the black colour makeup of tan jing, it's easy to let the palm and nail edge into orange, so after apply such products, must be thoroughly with scrub clean hands immediately. Pale: because after the black skin color is very attractive, so in order to make makeup effect harmonious whole, after tanning should fade lip color as far as possible, for example, choose close to skin color lip gloss. 3, allergic constitution light allergic skin - — People who are allergic to sunlight or light, also do not accept tanning beds, 'sun', otherwise before become golden wheat, your skin is very might have been disastrous. Ordinary type allergic skin - — Must tell when indoor tanning tanning your skin problems, good let him help menus you tan. Apparatus of tanning agency has professional skin type detector and respectively for good solution. 4, sun tips before going to the beach, visit the mountain, the use of tanning beds in a warm sun, make a preparation for skin, can be harmful rays of the sun's rays to minimize the influence of human body. If wear ornaments, necklaces, watches, or fails to remove perfumes, makeup is used directly after tanning beds may appear uneven spots. Can make a copy of sun wheat color skin health. Can be mixed with foundation to deepen the color of skin, or blush or render. 5, nutrition menu before eating something, such as cheese, tuna, walnut food containing tyramine acid, the skin is easy to color, and full of luster. And eat more food containing rich carotene, such as carrots, broccoli, mango, apricot, and contain the food with vitamin E can low down the possibility of sunburn. Insolation after you should eat less contains rich vitamin B and vitamin C food and drinks, and these are easy to make a tan 'white'
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