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How to the fastest speed tan? How to the most lasting keep a tan?

by:Merican     2020-07-17
How to the fastest speed tan? How to the most lasting keep a tan? 2018 - 01 - 08 burn the friends all know, there are three methods which often the tanning. The first: the mountain handsome use tanning tanning machine; The second: enjoy natural sunbathing in the sun; Third: use the free spray, gel products. If theory of speed, the fastest, of course, is from tan products, such products usually only need four hours can make skin perfect results tan. But we extent from the speed, durability, economy, avoid sun products is not so ideal. So Amy black sun friends are strongly recommended to use mountain handsome tanning machine, this article will focus on mountain handsome for you how to reach the fastest, in tanning and skin color to keep the most lasting! 1, use the sun light frequency mountain handsome sun light tan is divided into two stages, the first stage is called 'color' period, this period is the skin epidermis layer generated melanin, the crucial stage of accumulated melanin, must close, continuous drying can quickly make skin to achieve the ideal state. 'Coloring period' friends Amy black recommended drying interval 1 time in 1 day, 3 times a week, 8 - every time 15 minutes ( According to their own skin condition setting time) So you can quickly achieve ideal complexion. The second stage is the 'retention period', at this stage there is no need frequent continue to deepen the color of skin, sun lamp only need interval for a period of time to maintain your own skin, metabolism rate is proportional to the sun light frequency. That is the faster the metabolism, the more you need to maintain the number of times. Amy black 'retention period' recommended sun basked in two weeks 1 - 3 - twice a month 8, 10 - every time 15 minutes. The number of times to see their own metabolism. 2, tanning lotion tanning lotions are designed to make reach maximum tanning effect, make the quality of tanning has a higher level of breakthrough. Color harmony, moisturizing, nourish skin, accelerate the tanning, indoor tanning lotion for your skin with the most natural, the actual tanning nursing. These special components can fully protect the moisture of skin cells, make skin look more healthy young. Different dyeing ingredients help tone and gives you immediate rendering effect. These substances from the extraction of natural plant, naturally produced a prism effect to accelerate the tanning process. 3, the use of solid color milk solid color milk which is equipped and tanning lotions, also after sun lamp cover. Solid color milk as body lotion, of course, in addition to the sun can daub, after can be in the daub after a bath every night. Its main function is to lock moisture, let the melanin in the process of generating won't slow down because of lack of water. So use solid color milk's friends and bask in the skin will be more than friends without using solid color milk drying black.
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