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How to conduct the mowing?

by:Merican     2020-07-16
How to conduct the mowing? 2019 - 11 - 27 tanning machine: method and the steps 1, choice of the temperature of the sun ( North) : generally choose the temperature in the 18th - Ideal when 20 degrees Celsius, according to season: about summer with seven and xvi or fully restored to ShiBaShi is preferred; The spring and autumn period and the two seasons at 8 am to 11:00, at a quarter to ShiQiShi; Winter weather is cold to warm and no wind to ShiSiShi at eleven o 'clock. 2, choice of the location of the sun: in the open outdoor place, such as river's lake, beach, the desert forest elegant environment, including time sunbathing in 20 - Not more than 1 hour 30 minutes more appropriate, time, need to change according to the physical condition and sun do adjust in a timely manner. 3, need to be ready to sunbathe items: prepare couch, towels, hats, mineral water, sunglasses, etc. , to create a comfortable atmosphere and items of shade and water supplies, such as for a rainy day, when sun summer to prevent heat stroke, to prevent a cold in the winter. Tanning factory 4, sunbathing, common are backlit bath: give priority to with sun basked back, turning can be appropriately; On his back surface light bath: the patient to sit quietly, let the sun basked full face, put on sunglasses or close their eyes and turning can be appropriately; Body tanning: changing position for sunbathing, let the body can accept the sunshine. 5, often accept the sun or tanning, can promote skin metabolism, enhance skin function; Can increase vitamin D synthesis and absorption, contribute to bone growth and development; The sun's uv rays can kill pathogenic microorganisms in the skin. Guangzhou sun machine: 1, note the following when sunbathe do not fall asleep, you should use sunscreen cream, in order to prevent the excessive ultraviolet radiation damage. 2, tired and hungry don't, because tired and hungry adaptability is low, easy to catch cold catch cold. 3, irradiation in if any reactions such as nausea, dizziness, irritated heat, should immediately stop, rest in the shade.
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