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How to choose the red beauty machine

by:Merican     2020-07-15
How to choose the red beauty machine - 2018 11 - 01 is now a love beautiful age, is also a beauty industry era of rapid development, beauty salon sprang up. So beauty salon in the early stage of the opening need to select and purchase instruments, how to choose the red beauty machine? The beauty of guangzhou likang photoelectric technology co. , LTD. Small make up to you to summarize: a, see a brand beauty salon when buy must choose well-known brands and manufacturers, to see the company's business license, certificate of production is complete. Whether and how the scientific and technological innovation ability of view manufacturer, has a perfect new product development innovation ability, etc. , so our factory for many brands to provide products and services, this aspect also to have certain attainments, so welcome each big dealer and beauty parlor or studio to come to consult! Second, see equipment efficacy and light have different different instrument operation of project. Remove spots, acne, hair removal, tender skin, red blood silk and so on. Beauty salon owner when choosing instrument to understand what effect to buy equipment. A good way to test beauty equipment efficacy is personally experience. Many things can be learned from the side instrument manufacturers. Generally in beauty equipment manufacturer, has the instrument showroom and instrument experience center, instrument supervisor experience center is equipped with A professional beauty equipment, demonstration instrument for the customer the use method, also allow customers to experience the function of the instrument and effect, and our experience centre in guangzhou huadu district Beijing shi building A 607 - square 610. On the other hand the light source is also very important, the curative effect of whitening capsules are based on red light shone out, then the light source determines the effect of good or bad, and we use Germany Cosmedico illuminant, product information parameters can inquire on the website, and the relevant inspection certificate, so also is considering close without hesitation. Three, watching prices beauty equipment is uneven, differ a lot. Beauty salon owner in choosing a red beauty machines need to shop around. Don't blindly pursue low price, and depends on the effect of beauty equipment and after-sales service, etc. To believe that a price points a points goods makes sense. So our factory provide two years after-sales guarantee, machine actually like cars, occasionally there is always some problems, this time with a good after-sales can save worry a lot! Provide a year after four, after-sales service equipment, important components provide after two years! Support service! After buying beauty equipment, from after-sale service also can see a beauty equipment manufacturer's strength, so we beauty likang photoelectric has been for the purpose of customer service, do our best to complete for the customer to provide the corresponding after-sale protection.
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