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Health tanning primary guide

by:Merican     2020-07-22
Tanning tanning machines' > health primary guide; Tan refers to through the way of manual intervention, let the skin blackening process. Tanning process need to use some tools, make the black skin than natural tan color of skin more luster, commonly known as chocolate. For those who are affected by genes, color of skin slants yellow and are difficult to achieve satisfactory degree through whitening, tan is a good choice. And also the one who has the outline of angular than the average person is more suitable for tanning, that is why Europe and the United States popular tanning. Rich gloss black color can let a figure appear more symmetrical, face appears more stereo. In addition, the black than white were also more likely to highlight line feeling, if you just is a fitness enthusiast, bronzed skin can make you more sexy. Choose to suit their own want to tan, tan way to understand have what way can undertake, the mainstream way of tanning there are three main types: (1) natural tanning: natural tanning is refers to the sun. The sun is beautiful black natural way, with the aid of the ultraviolet ray in sunshine, make the body of converting the original melanin melanin, the skin appears smooth and healthy after basked dark skin. Can choose the sea, lake or their tiantai etc. Suitable for sun. Take a cold plunge before sunbathing, first, make the skin keep clean. Apply sunscreen to the face or body, and then the black oil evenly daub on the body, and massage until absorption can begin in the sun. Sun when lying down on the mat or a blanket, make evenly sunlight in the body, turn over every five minutes, the sunshine time of both sides to keep the body. In every ten to twenty minutes insolation application cools the skin, apply sunscreen again with sun tanning oil, circulation in turn. The whole process lasted one hour or so, when sunshine filling water should be paid attention to. Soak the better time is at 9 o 'clock in the morning before or after at four o 'clock in the afternoon, when the sun moves sideways, moderate, it is not easy to sunburn. Gentle sunshine besides tan, can also have antiseptic, promoting the production of vitamin D, promote calcium absorption, and so on. (2) artificial tanning ( Sun exposure machine) : artificial tanning is with the aid of tanning the skin black. Simulated by the artificial tanning ultraviolet irradiation, achieve tanning. With the popularity of tanning, many cities have a tanning the mature industrial chain, such as more use of tanning, tanning pavilions to have a certain economic strength is a new and efficient way. Tanning compared to the sun, the irradiation time is shorter, more convenient also. Before the sun light will be covered in sun light special tanning lotion, in the face, lips and other places to put on the sunscreen and SPF lip balm. Sun light for the first time, should be controlled within 5 minutes, after 48 hours the skin to restore, to bask in 8 minutes, then step by step, sun lamp time should not exceed 10 minutes every time, until you reach satisfactory color of skin. Only after a while a sun light. (3) tanning cream on the market there are some beautiful black frost, only can let the skin to blacken, daub is the existence of a similar skin stain. The tanning cream works quickly, keep the short time ( _ is generally not more than a week) For just want to experience is a good choice.
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