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by:Merican     2020-10-21

We have quantified the impact on the frequency of rings after depleting cells of particular gene products. Many of the photographs are presented in another way, as instructed by the reviewer. We have now gone via the paper and extensively revised the textual content to raised document our procedures and information. We have quantified all that was attainable, which includes effects on ring formation after depleting the several particular gene merchandise.

TANGO1 interacts with CTAGE5 and COPII elements and recruits ERGIC-fifty three membranes to generate a mega-transport provider for export of collagens from the ER. Malhotra lately confirmed in JCB that TANGO1 assembles into a ring at the ER that encircles COPII parts. Here they go on to show that ring formation requires Sec23, self-interplay and interplay with cTAGE5, and the presence of the RINT tethering complicated. I'm on the fence about whether this work represents a enough advance for eLife. The domain structure of TANGO1, and the features of the individual domains, are actually fairly properly understood.

We have described intimately our scheme of quantification of form and size and rings. We specifically point out the number of objects/rings and cells analysed.

However, the manuscript could benefit from careful rewriting in a number of places, as the reviewers had a troublesome time parsing all the abbreviations, mutations, and relationship to a number of isoforms of TANGO proteins. The following presentation enhancements will improve the flexibility of a reader to know the story.

This info is exploited here by deleting particular person domains to check how TANGO1 assembles into rings. Deletion of the COPII-binding proline-wealthy domain generates fused or linear assemblies of rings.

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