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Don’t let the tanning become ugly, you must understand this before tanning!

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Don’t let the tanning become ugly, you must understand this before tanning!

by:Nestor Tsang 4415 browse Time required for reading:5 mins

Recently, at the 2020 Travi Olympia Fitness and Bodybuilding Exchange, Chao Peng Chao won the championship with his toned body and bronzed skin! It is reported that Chao Peng Chao, in addition to keeping fit and healthy, also pays great attention to the development of bronze complexion. Therefore, he will regularly use Merican's tanning machine for tanning.

    In fact, in addition to bodybuilders and fitness coaches, more and more people have joined the ranks of tanning in recent years. The whole body is bronzed and wheat-colored skin, which makes people feel healthy and sexy, so it quickly became popular all over the world. Chinese celebrities such as Louis Koo, Jike Junyi, and Zhang Xinyi, and foreign Victoria Beckham, sister A (Ariana Grande), Megan Fox, etc. are all typical black men.

    If you want to have bronze and wheat skin, you must get the following dry goods, don't let the tanning become a smear!

Who is suitable for tanning?

    Tanning was first popular in Europe and America. Some people say that Asians are not suitable for tanning, but it is not. Generally speaking, the facial features are well-defined, clear and three-dimensional, especially those with a tall nose, a broad forehead and a clear lip line. These people are more suitable for tanning. Because the facial features are profound, the face is very three-dimensional after tanning, and the lines of the body are more beautiful.

    If you take personal temperament into consideration, extroverted and enthusiastic girls usually have better tanning effects than gentle and dignified ladies. It doesn’t matter if you don’t meet the above conditions, as long as you master the tricks of tanning and choose the tanning complexion that suits you, you can also add points to your appearance.

Bask under the sun is tanning?

    Hearing about tanning, many people think that as long as they don’t apply sunscreen, they just need to bask in the sun. In fact, this is a misconception. The premise of the so-called "tanning" is "beauty", not simply "black". Unconscious tanning can only make the skin dark and yellow, the complexion darkened and dull, and there is no sense of beauty at all. The real tanning is to let your skin achieve the desired depth and luster-bronze, wheat, honey, which is very different from "farmer black". Improper exposure to the sun will not only prevent tanning, but will also endanger your health.

    Therefore, what we generally talk about is tanning through a tanning machine. It can not only choose the skin tones such as bronze, wheat, and chocolate colors, but also eliminate fatigue and stress, strengthen muscles, strengthen bones and teeth, and enhance physical fitness. So what should I pay attention to when using the tanning machine?

Is the tanning machine safe? 

    Compared with natural sun exposure, the tanning machine is safer. The external environment varies greatly. Different regions and different periods of time have different intensity of ultraviolet rays. Not only can the uniformity of tanning be not guaranteed, but inappropriate sunburn methods can easily sunburn the skin and cause deep skin damage for a long time. In addition, pollutants in the air can also cause harm to skin health.

    The tanning machine uses pure physical light therapy to effectively integrate UVA and UVB. The selected gold has a constant ratio. It will not sunburn the skin while maintaining a uniform tanning effect for a long time.

Can it turn black after one exposure?

    Tanning is a gradual process, usually it takes 12-24 hours to produce melanin, so the effect is more obvious the next day. Tanning is generally divided into a coloring period and a fixing period. The coloring period needs to be dried every other day. The amount of sunburn can be increased and adjusted according to the amount of sunburn you adapted last time. Generally, 4-6 times can achieve the skin tone you want.

    Then enter the color fixation period, during this period you need to use the device once a week or two weeks to maintain the skin color. And how long each cycle is depends on your own skin's skin color and ability to absorb light, which varies from person to person.

    The duration of each tanning session needs to be determined according to your skin type and the equipment used in different tanning studios and salons. It is not that the longer the time the better, otherwise the skin will be easily sunburned. Therefore, you need to follow the guidance of the instructor of the service and follow the recommended time and procedures for tanning. Generally speaking, the first exposure time needs to be controlled within 5-7 minutes, and after a few times of use, the skin can be used for 7-10 minutes each time.

Is tanning good for health?

    In addition to changing the skin tone and increasing the charm, tanning can also promote the production of vitamin D and the absorption of calcium, strengthen reflexes and motor nerves, strengthen muscles and bones, strengthen bones and teeth, and avoid osteoporosis. In addition, tanning can also relieve fatigue, strengthen physical fitness, lose weight, and make people feel happy.

    I believe that after reading the above content, everyone has a certain understanding of tanning. Here, we also especially remind friends who want to tanning, they must choose a formal tanning mechanism and a tanning machine that uses imported light sources, because the quality of the equipment directly affects the tanning effect.

    In the follow-up, we will introduce the matters needing attention in the tanning process, so stay tuned. Of course, if you have any other questions, please leave a message in the comment area and we will answer them one by one.


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