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Different skin types to use tanning machine characteristics

by:Merican     2020-08-02
Do you know your skin type? 吗? 吗? Tan not everyone suitable way are the same. Want to get a beautiful tan tan skin ultraviolet ray also means different people for different methods. This is because the uv exposure levels required to obtain a tanning compared with a color medium europeans, for a skin white and red hair, is not the same. This is why the use of tanning confidential in use under the guidance of professional staff, let you proper uv exposure, and minimize your risk of sunburn. Your tanning solution depends on your skin type. Skin type identification: 1 kind of skin type: your skin is very sensitive to light white, to be basked in easily, can't tan. Professional tanning salon, won't make you a tan. ( Is usually very white or light blue or green eyes, red hair and many freckles type of person. ) 2 types of skin: are you a light sensitive white skin, usually easy to sunburn. However, you can gently tanning. In a tanning salon professional development a tan will be a very gradual process. ( Usually shallow cream-colored skin, blue or green eyes, blonde or light brown hair, freckles type of person, perhaps. ) 3 types of skin: you is normal sensitivity to sunlight. You might get sunburned, but you can moderate tanning. In the development of a professional salon will be a gradual process. ( Is usually a light brown skin, brown eyes and hair type. This type of skin sunburn sometimes but tanning effect is obvious. ) 4 types of skin: your skin is put up with the sun, so you seldom sunburn, easy to produce melanin, can moderate a tan. You can be in a professional tanning salons tanned quickly. ( Light brown or olive skin, dark brown eyes and hair type. ) 5 kinds of skin types: do you have dark skin and natural features, you can develop dark brown, you seldom sunburn. You can quickly in a tanning salon professional tanning. ( This rarely sunburn skin type, very easy to be tan. ) 6 types of skin: your skin is black, you rarely, sunburn is extreme tolerance for daylight. Almost have no effect on the color of the skin suntan.
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