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Cosmedico, a German maker of beauty light, is not accustomed to China!?

Cosmedico, a German maker of beauty light, is not accustomed to China!?


Beauty is the eternal pursuit of people, both men and women. Therefore, the beauty industry has been praised as a “sunrise industry”. According to the data of China business industry research institute, the market scale of China's medical beauty industry reached 171.2 billion RMB in 2018, and it is expected to exceed 250 billion RMB in 2020.

Technological beauty will be the new trend.

Although the beauty industry has broad development prospects, with the change of mainstream consumer groups and the increasing needs of people, traditional beauty methods are not suitable for the development of this era.

From the 1990s, as more and more medical, chemical, electrical, optical and other field of professionals joins into the beauty industry, much high-tech beauty equipment been invented, and gradually replaces the simple manual care. At present science and technology hairdressing, instrument hairdressing in the oversea beauty salon has accounted for more than 80% of the share in the domestic has become the development direction of many beauty salons.

Hairdressing technology in the 21st century will be combined with modern medicine methods by high-tech products, on the high quality service, to achieve more scientific and effectiveness of the skin care effect with the push of science and technology innovation. The development trend of global beauty will certainly is a scientific beauty depends on science and technology. This has prompted the beauty industry faces a new round of reshuffle, to rewrite the industry pattern.

The strong combine innovative technology.

In order to further promote the development of beauty scientific and technological, as the 10 years expert Chinese Red Light Beauty Cabin, LED Phototherapy Cabin, Solarium Bed (tanning equipment), Ultraviolet Phototherapy Equipment, Ultraviolet Sterilizer manufacturer. Merican signed a formal contract with German Cosmedico, and obtained the China exclusive agency right for four consecutive years since 2017.

In the beauty industry, we believe that everyone knows German Cosmedico; it is a long history famous brand hold by JW Holding GmbH (hereinafter referred to as "JW"). Since its establishment, Cosmedico has been focusing on the research and development of special light source technology for more than 40 years, which includes collagen lamp and fluorescent lamp. Always keep focusing on quality performance and innovation and final be world-renowned brand.

JW holding group, where Cosmedico is located, has been focusing on sunbathing lamps, fluorescent lamps, collagen lamps and solar thermal vacuum tubes. It has more than 2,000 employees worldwide and its business covers more than 60 countries and regions. It is famous for its trend-setting technologies and products.

Benefit from technology and operation support JW holding group, Cosmedico continue to grow stronger, gradually expand the international market and many new areas, such as Whitening Red Collagen Lamp used in the Collagen Machine, each used Cosmedico product beauty salon owner knows the difference between with other manufacturers, the products with superior performance and quality has become the industry benchmark. Cosmedico represents the top standard of beauty light source technology, which is well received by many customers all over the world, and is the world's leading brand of beauty light source.

By virtue of the leading technology of Cosmedico from Germany and its powerful technology research and development team, Merican has successively developed and optimized and upgraded a series of brands such as Cosmedico, Kingsun, Sonnex and Mary Queen. Products are exported to Europe, USA, the Middle East and Asia Pacific and more than 50 countries and most of the domestic regions, many customers and the industry praise.

It is worth mentioning that the Merican’s Solarium Machine (Tanning Equipment), which use the latest German Cosmedico's tanning light source and European tanning technology, not only can obtain a healthy copper, wheat, chocolate color skin, but also can eliminate fatigue and stress, strengthen muscles, bones and teeth, enhance the body's immunity and prevent diseases.

In addition to sunbathers, Merican's red light beauty machine has also been well received by customers. It also adopted the German Cosmedico light source technology, through fixed diode low energy light red light (633 nm) to relax and to strengthen the tiny capillaries, stimulate the production of collagen, accelerate the blood circulation, and DAN, RNA synthesis, promote the generation of large amounts of collagen and fiber tissue, repair damaged skin cells, and accelerate out of sick or dead cells, improve dull skin, activate the skin elasticity, smooth the fine wrinkles, shrink pores, so as to achieve whitening raise skin nourishment effect.

Boosting the development of scientific and technological beauty

With the Merican and Germany Cosmedico continues to deepen cooperation, Merican will continue to focus on equipment research and development and production, the development of more high quality, higher cost performance and more effective products, launch the most competitive product solutions, leading the industry towards scientific beauty direction, boosting the development of science and technology, health and beauty.

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