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Confidential! Unlock the black technology that this Postpartum Recovery Center breaks out of!

Confidential! Unlock the black technology that this Postpartum Recovery Center breaks out of!


"I'm really sorry, this year's appointments are already full." 

Ping can't remember how many times she has responded to an appointment. Ping is a front desk staff member of a Postpartum Recovery Center in Seoul. She said that since the Postpartum Recovery center was renovated and upgraded, especially after the introduction of some new optoelectronic technology products, customer satisfaction continued to increase, and word of mouth was gradually formed. In May, all the quotas for this year were filled.


image.pngFierce Competition In The Industry

I believe everyone is familiar with the Postpartum Recovery Center. The local women would stay in the Postpartum Recovery Center after giving birth for a month's time. After Postpartum Recovery, they would return home and start a normal life. However, Korean women have undergone scientific conditioning after giving birth, and they have maintained good health. This is the advantage of the Postpartum Recovery Center.


With the birth peak of the post-90s generation, more and more young people in our country also choose to take the recovery in the Postpartum Recovery Center. In the first-tier cities in China, the Postpartum Recovery Center has developed rapidly in just a few years. Driven by the development of the industry, the second-tier cities, such as Chengdu, Jinan, Wuhan, and other regions, have also begun to flourish in the Postpartum Recovery Center.

In 2017, the market size of the Postpartum Recovery Center in my country has exceeded 10 billion yuan and reached 16 billion yuan in 2019. The number of Postpartum Recovery Center has exceeded 7,300, and it is expected to be close to 31 billion yuan in 2024. With the entry of a large amount of capital, the overall competition in the Postpartum Recovery Center industry in China has gradually intensified, and the requirements for products and services are higher.


image.pngTake the lead in introducing cutting-edge optoelectronic technology

With the intensification of industry competition, highly specialized and refined postpartum recovery services will become the key to the Postpartum Recovery Center to gain a higher market share. Therefore, this chain of Postpartum Recovery Center in Seoul is the first to introduce cutting-edge photoelectric technology products-red light health beauty capsules for the rehabilitation of parturients to promote wound healing, improve postpartum infections, cleft nipples, vulvitis, cervicitis, chronic pelvic inflammation, etc.

image.pngWound Healing

Whether it is a cesarean delivery or a normal delivery, the parturient has some wounds after delivery. Using the LED Red Light Phototherapy Capsule can effectively promote the proliferation of tissue fibroblasts and endothelial cells, increase cell metabolism, promote cell synthesis, and promote the growth of granulation tissue, thereby accelerating wound healing.


The constitution of the parturient mother is weak after giving birth, and it is easily invaded by various bacterial inflammations. The more common gynecological inflammations in women after giving birth include pelvic inflammatory disease, adnexitis, and cervicitis. Using the LED Red Light Phototherapy Capsule can increase the phagocytosis of white blood cells, reduce the number of inflammatory cells, inhibit inflammation, increase the proliferation of epidermal cells, fibroblasts, and fibronectin, thereby repairing tissue defects and curing inflammation.

image.pngHigh blood pressure, hyperlipidemia

Parturients who suffer from pregnancy-induced hypertension and hyperlipidemia during pregnancy generally recover on their own during a period of time after delivery. But if it cannot recover on its own, it may become chronic high blood pressure and hyperlipidemia. Using the LED Red Light Phototherapy Capsule can reduce blood viscosity, improve the elasticity of blood vessel walls, and restore blood pressure to normal. It can also activate a variety of enzymes in the blood, dissolve and decompose excess fat in the blood, increase blood oxygen content, thereby speed up the removal of free radicals, interfere with lipid peroxidation metabolism, reduce and remove cholesterol in blood vessels, and lower blood lipids.


The postpartum resistance of the parturient is generally reduced. The use of the LED Red Light Phototherapy Capsule can enhance the immune function of red blood cells and the function of T lymphocytes, enhance cell viability, enhance the body's self-repair and cell regeneration capabilities, and increase the phagocytosis of white blood cells and improve immunity Strength and disease resistance so that the mother can recover as soon as possible.

It can be seen that the LED Red Light Phototherapy Capsule has a good effect on the postpartum rehabilitation of the parturient. By introducing this cutting-edge photoelectric technology product, this Postpartum Recovery Center in Seoul has met the needs of mothers for postpartum rehabilitation, and greatly improved women’s satisfaction with the confinement center, which not only increased sales performance but also expanded market share.

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