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Before tan, the do you understand?

by:Merican     2020-06-19
Before tan, the do you understand? 2020 - 04 - 15 Tanning, refers not to the pure tan skin, but to chase the wheat color skin healthy dark or tan, 'tan', therefore, may further understanding of the 'sun into wheat color', English called Tanning, the most simple and crude explanation is: make the skin beautiful or black. New tanning answer 1, how long can a tan? Each person's skin, tanning machine light intensity is different, specific circumstances must vary from person to person, but generally speaking, each 2 - 3 day 1, 7 - 10 times ( About 2 - 3 weeks) Can clear black ( People around you will ask you: 'wow! How do you get black? ”) 。 Suggestions from six minutes, sun lamp time increments (2 minutes Need to ensure that every time after the drying skin without apparent exception) Every time, the early sun light suggest no more than 12 minutes. 2, after tanning can maintain how long? Tan is the basic principle of produce melanin, skin and fade melanin, skin color, most people get from satisfactory color of skin, after a week or so bask in one frequency can maintain skin, otherwise will gradually fade, but faded to the original color of skin, If you had more white) You need longer time. 3, how long each sun is better? Advice about 12 min sun light time, according to each different type of skin and sun light through adjusting time, increase or decrease sun lamp is for the purpose of the United States, not to black. 4, often in the sunshine, the first indoor sun lamp can for longer time? The most bad don't! Make a simple example, the northern city of habit in the sunshine friend if ran to the island near the equator, it would be easy to sunburn, and tanning machine of the light intensity is usually stronger than the sun of beach, so under the condition of the skin to impose increased sun light time, the result is often (sunburn This red, itchy,) Occasionally, low intensity not increase the risk of skin, sunburn but the recovery time after sunburn ( Usually in 3 days or more) Inside can't bask in, more haste, less speed! 5, bronzing and wheat color that look good? All good-looking, whether wheat or tan color, according to individual be fond of, you like to look good. Each person is different, the desired evaluation is not always. 6, not tan face and wear don't wear underwear? Everyone likes different but also will change, there are a lot of the early not dry face, after drying the face detection look better, there are some who feel a little more sexy underwear of trace. It is good to oneself to like! 7, exercise before sun light or drying after exercise? It is best to exercise after sun light, on the one hand, the shower skin cleaner, moreover, tanning lotion is to promote the effect of melanin, after the sun 2 - best 3 hours, don't take a shower. It is necessary to 8, tanning lotion? Yes, outdoor sun or indoor tanning machine drying, should not let bare skin under the light, in addition outdoor and indoor tanning lotion is completely different. 9, how to choose the tanning lotion? First, don't buy the outdoor tanning oil lamp, for the simple reason that the sun and tanning machine light spectrum, light intensity is different also, drying time is different also, the protection of the skin effect of course is not the same. Indoor bask in safer and more efficient. Second, don't buy from sun lotion and sun light! Tan 10 words of advice more than 1, began to bask in the few minutes and can't give you, how black can only increase the risk of sunburn; 2, moisturizing is very important! Remember to drink more water, take a shower with moisturizers, form the good habit, otherwise do not bask in; 3, 'sun after don't bathe in two hours' is suggested is not a must; 4, the faster the black oil tanning, dyeing of the heavier components, in the long term do not have what meaning; 5, to play in the island, should besmear bask in most of the time, rather than the tanning, unless you specifically to suntan on the beach; 6, rarely in the sunshine of people started sun light may appear endocrine imbalance, Similar to the water) , don't make a fuss, drink water more, the body gradually adapt to; 7, the UVC ultraviolet ray is the culprit, cancer and professional tanning machine uv excluding UVC! 8, repeated sunburn can increase the risk of skin cancer, so it is very important to control time, don't be impatient; Great tan (9, in the sunshine Years does not fade) By sun light becomes shallow gradually; 10, even color of skin is more black people, started sun light as if time is too long, may also be sunburn, novice so please be sure to control time!
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