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by:Merican     2020-06-22
Beauty instrument is based on physical therapy as a benchmark to make the skin is relaxed and better clean, absorb a device of the product, cosmetic instrument main points of large cinemas with beauty instrument, handheld with beauty instrument. Hairdressing apparatus tender skin, whitening effect for facial lymph drainage, pale spot, tighten the skin, the treatment of acne acne facial ascension and improve sagging skin, fade wrinkles, forehead wrinkles, eye lines, remove black pouch and black rim of the eye, the neck broken crack treatment effect is remarkable. The main cosmetic instrument has the following categories: from a functional class classification is as follows: 1) Current, electrical pulse, EMS) Method: using micro current pulse modulation technology, to human body skin, meridians, acupuncture points to achieve clean, import, firming, such as massage muscle relaxation cosmetic purposes. 2) Micro vibration mode: using mechanical vibration, voltage stimulation, make human body skin tightening, increase its flexibility, strengthen the metabolism of skin cells. 3) Different wavelengths photons illuminate way: by using colour light of different wavelengths different mechanism of skin tissue to improve human body skin condition. 4) Elevated body temperature method, make human body temperature by using equipment, accelerate the metabolism of human body, on behalf of equipment wax machine, red light irradiation apparatus. 5) Microwave devices: using microwave can penetrate deep subcutaneous tissue, cell shrinkage movement for beauty firming. 6) Vacuum adsorption: equipment with special tools, adsorption effect on the human skin, the skin using vacuum, as the tool to travel on the body movements, reach the role of extrusion, massage, exercise, which can realize detoxification, firming, and increasing tissue cell vitality. 7) Laser therapy: using laser heat, destroy the skin epidermis cells, mainly used in removing, QuZhi, eliminate wu zi, sheath, monkeys and so on, need to be in place with professional qualifications held by related qualification beautician or doctor operation; 。 8) Ultrasonic method: using ultrasonic high frequency oscillation characteristics of the mechanical wave has the mechanical action, warm, and the roles of the physical and chemical, can make the cells within the tissue volume and movement, delicate massage effect ( Known as the cell massage) Can tighten the skin, warm and physical and chemical effect can be skin deep temperature rise of 0. 5 ~ 1 ℃, make the skin can maintain article faster absorption. 9) Water bath treatment: use of water, water temperature, water affinity with people achieve the goal of the whole body beauty. 10) Mechanism of magnetic field, using high-energy magnetic field, electromagnetic field or permanent magnet effect to human body to achieve cosmetic effect. 11) Rf: using high frequency shocks the skin surface temperature, make the skin contraction, reach to the effect of the wrinkle and tightening skin. Pay attention to when using do not stay in a place for a long time, easy to burn. 12) Electronic import: by using electronic current physical penetration into effect, inside the can point solution to protect skin to taste imported skin, to achieve the effect of beauty. Requirements for skincare ingredients have 13) Beauty: fumigation is divided into cold, hot, use special equipment to beauty products, drugs, and other forms of evaporation to form gas permeability such as skin tissues, to achieve the effect of beauty. 14) Pure oxygen penetration: using special equipment to add oxygen to certain pressure, role in the human skin tissue, increase cell tissue oxygen intake. In the development of beauty industry, however, cosmetic instrument of continuously upgrading situation, market more widely with the light irradiation and push type of beauty instrument. Such beauty instrument to use more simple, safe, comfortable, can win the majority of customers love, and our mountain ShuaiHongGuang beauty instrument, adopting is 10-633 nm can be deep subcutaneous tissue 15 mm red, German anti-aging skin repair technology. More worthy of customer choice and trust!
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