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Anne told you often sunbathing what are the benefits to our health

by:Merican     2020-07-10
The sun's rays for spirit and body has a lot of absence made, for example, when the weather is sunny day, we will feel very spirit steal fast, even if have what the unpleasant matter, will be excited and cheer up. But not in front of the sun or wind when it rains, our mood is tend to emerge in a dreary. After the sun to the human body skin, in the organization that is a complex series of reactions. The light of the sun is by infrared, light ( Red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue, violet and ultraviolet light. Infrared ray is a kind of can't see the light, long light is a kind of light waves. When it according to the body, can make the body feel warm, also not see ultraviolet light, its light is shorter. It has a chemical action, can penetrate the skin deep, therefore more beneficial to the body. Tanning tanning machine vendors would come to the conclusion that the sun on the body of the several benefits: 1. Enhance skin resistance, for us the various parts of the body, the skin is an important part of the body, is the body's first line of defence. The function of the skin, in addition to keep the body temperature and protect the body important organs to avoid injury or exotic pathogen attack, as well as breathing and help the body excrete. When skin is exposed to the sun's ultraviolet rays, namely, to produce excellent response, promote the discharge sweat gland activity and body function, and give a healthy skin pigment. Uv have very strong sterilization ability, so people with skin diseases, such as able to sunbathing, often can not medicine and smelting. Ultraviolet (uv) on wound healing, such as the wound is exposed to sunlight, can heal quickly. 2. Increase the body's blood plasma and blood count, when according to the heat of the sun on the skin, the most heat is absorbed by the body blood, blood absorption to the heat, the body oxygen transport in blood that is greatly increased. Especially notable is globulin in each blood also increases. Red blood cells can be medium of transport oxygen, thanks to globulin. We the 'war' of white blood cells in the body at the same time, also add up by line sunbathing. Blood is only the solidified body of the body, and the other part of the blood plasma, also add up by line sunbathing. At the same time the content of calcium and phosphorus in the blood increases. Maintain stability in the nervous system and metabolism of the body is smooth, all by has the element of calcium and phosphorus in the blood. 3. Increase in plasma sterilization ability: we know that it problems, such as colds, sore throat, always occurs mostly in the winter. The most because of plasma sterilization force decreased. And often sunbathe, can increase our resistance to germs. In addition, the sun can also promote the blood circulation, improve the situation of the blood, and can make the body produces vitamin D to prevent rickets. The sun also can make the strength increases rapidly.
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